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madhyamapadalopin: masculine vocative singular stem: madhyamapadalopin
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madhyamapadalopinm. (scilicet samāsa-) a compound which omits the middle member View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
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madhyamapadalopin a. in which the middle word is dropped (com pound: e. g. sâka-pârthiva=vegetable, sc. loving, king); -purusha, m. kind of personi fication; second person (gr.); -pûrusha, m. mediocre person; -bhâva, m. moderate dis tance; -râtra, m. midnight; -loka, m. mid dle world=earth: -pâla, m. protector of earth, king, -½indu, m. moon of earth, king; -vayas-á, n. middle age; -½ashtakâ,f. eighth day in the dark fortnight of Mâgha.

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