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kaṇḍvādim. Name of a gaṇa- View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
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kaṇḍvādia group of words which are headed by the word कण्डू and which are either nouns or roots or both to which the affix यक् is added to arrive at the secondary roots exempli gratia, for example कण्डूयति, कण्डूयते; हृणीयति, हृणीयते, महीयते confer, compare धातुप्रक्ररणाद्धातुः कस्य चासञ्जनादपि । आह चायमिमं दीर्घं मन्ये धातुर्विभाषितः ॥ Kāś. on P.III.1.27.

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