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kṛpaṇas: masculine nominative singular stem: kṛpaṇa
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kṛpaṇasya a most unhappy creatureSB 5.8.23
kṛpaṇasya of one who is miserlySB 1.13.25
kṛpaṇasya of the poorSB 9.21.13
kṛpaṇasya to this unfortunate personMM 36
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kṛpaṇaḥ, anudāraḥ   

yaḥ kārpaṇyaṃ karoti।

rameśaḥ atīva kṛpaṇaḥ asti।



ekaḥ puruṣaḥ ।

kṛpaṇasya varṇanaṃ vāyupurāṇe vartate

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