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kālasya: neuter genitive singular stem: kāla
kālasya: masculine genitive singular stem: kāla
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17 results
kālasya because of timeSB 12.8.43
kālasya of eternal timeSB 1.14.3
SB 2.8.13
kālasya of formidable TimeSB 4.27.19
kālasya of the eternal timeSB 3.11.17
kālasya of the force of timeSB 11.6.14
kālasya of the supreme law of the AlmightySB 1.8.4
kālasya of timeSB 10.71.8
SB 12.12.10
SB 12.3.17
SB 12.4.38
SB 2.10.47
SB 3.29.4
SB 3.32.37
SB 5.24.24
SB 7.7.16
kālasya time having passedSB 9.3.11

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