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darvikāf. idem or 'm. a ladle ' View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
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darvikā दर्विका f. A kind of collyrium. दर्वी (-र्विः) f. [दॄ-विन् वा ङीप्] 1 A ladle, spoon. -2 The expanded hood of a snake; पृथुदर्विभृतस्ततः फणीन्द्रा Śi.2.42. -Comp. -करः a snake, serpent. -होमः an oblation made with a ladle. दर्श darśa दर्शक darśaka दर्शन darśana दर्श दर्शक दर्शन &c. See under दृश्.
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darvikāyantra noun (neuter) a kind of alchemical apparatus
Frequency rank 54266/72933

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