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andhrī: feminine nominative singular stem: andhra
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kīcakaḥ कीचकः [Uṇ.5.56] 1 A hollow bamboo. -2 A bamboo rattling or whistling in the wind; शब्दायन्ते मधुरमनिलैः कीचकाः पूर्यमाणाः Me.58; R.2.12;4.73; Ku.1. 8. -3 N. of a people. -4 N. of the commander-in-chief of king Virāṭa; कीचकानां वधः पर्व Mb.1.2.58. (While Draupdī in the guise of Sairandhrī was residing at the court of king Virāṭa with her five husbands also disguised, Kīchaka once happened to see her, and her beauty stirred up wicked passion in his heart. He, thenceforward, kept a sinister eye on her, and endeavoured through the help of his sister, the king's wife, to violate her chastity. Draupadī complained of his unmannerly conduct towards herself to the king; but when he declined to interfere, she sought the assistance of Bhīma, and at his suggestion showed herself favourable to his advances. It was then agreed that they should meet at mid-night in the dancing hall of the palace. Pursuant to appointment Kīchaka went there and attempted to embrace Draupadī (as he fancied Bhīma to be owing to the darkness of night). But the wretch was at once seized and crushed to death by the powerful Bhīma.] -Comp. -जित् m. an epithet of Bhīma, the second Pāṇḍava prince.
rathaḥ रथः [रम्यतेनेन अत्र वा, रम्-कथन्; cf. Uṇ.2.2] 1 A carriage, chariot, car, vehicle; especially, a war-chariot. -2 A hero (for रथिन्); अपवातेषु पार्येषु त्रयस्ते$भावञ् रथाः Mb.1.2.92. -3 A foot. -4 A limb, part, member. -5 The body; cf. आत्मानं रथिनं विद्धि शरीरं रथमेव तु Kaṭh. 1.3.3. -6 A reed. -7 Pleasure, delight. -Comp. -अक्षः 1 a carriage-axle. -2 a measure of length (= 14 aṅgulas). -अङ्गम् 1 any part of a carriage. -2 particularly, the wheels of a carriage; रथो रथाङ्गध्वनिना विजज्ञे R.7.41; Ś.7.1. -3 a discus, especially of Viṣṇu; चक्रधर इति रथाङ्गमदः सततं विभर्षि भुवनेषु रूढये Śi.15.26. -4 a potter's wheel. (-ङ्गः) the ruddy goose. ˚आह्वयः, ˚आह्वानः, ˚नामकः, ˚नामन् m. the ruddy goose (चक्रवाक); रथाङ्गनामन् वियुतो रथाङ्गश्रोणिबिम्बया । अयं त्वां पृच्छति रथी मनोरथशतैर्वृतः ॥ V.4. 18; Ku.3.37; R.3.24; रथाङ्गाह्वानानां भवति विधुरम् Udb.; (the male bird is said by poets to be separated from the female at night, and to be united at sun-rise). ˚पाणिः N. of Viṣṇu; रथाङ्गपाणेः पटलेन रोचिषा Śi.1.21; दुरन्तवीर्यस्य रथाङ्गपाणेः Bhāg. -अभ्रः a reed cane. -अर्थकः a small carriage. -अश्वः a carriage-horse -आयुधकः a kind of bow. -आरोहः one who fights from a chariot. -ईशः a warrior fighting from a chariot. -ईषा, -शा the pole of a carriage; रथेषाश्च रथेषाभिः ... संगतैः सहिताः Mb.6.46.5. -उडुपः, -पम् the body of a chariot. -उद्वहः, -उपस्थः the seat of a chariot, the driving-box; रथोपस्थ उपाविशत् Bg.1.47. -कट्या, -कड्या an assemblage of chariots. -कल्पकः an officer who is in charge of a king's chariots. -करः, -कारः 1 a coachbuilder, carpenter, wheel-wright; रथकारः स्वकां भार्यां सजारां शिरसा- वहत् Pt.4.54. -2 N. of a caste called सौधन्वन (q. v.); तस्मादत्रैवर्णिको रथकारः ŚB. on MS.6.6.47; परिशेषाद- त्रैवर्णिको रथकारः स्यात् ŚB. on MS.6.1.44. ˚न्यायः The rule according to which the रूढ अर्थ is stronger than the यौगिक अर्थ; cf. योगाद्रूढिर्बलीयसी. This is discussed and established in connection with the word रथकार by Jaimini and शबर in MS.6.1.44-5. -सुटुम्बिकः, -कुटुम्बिन् m. a charioteer, coachman. -कूबरः, -रम् the pole or shaft of a carriage; कूबरा रथकूबरैः ... संगतैः सहिताः Mb.6. 46.5. -केतुः the flag of a chariot. -क्षोभः the jolting of a chariot; रथक्षोभपरिश्रमम् R.1.58. -गणकः an officer who counts chariots. -गर्भकः a litter, palanquin. -गुप्तिः f. a fence of wood or iron with which a chariot is provided as a protection from collision. -घोषः the rattling of a chariot. -चरणः, -पादः 1 a chariot-wheel; धृतरथचरणो$भ्ययाच्चलद्गुः Bhāg.1.9.37; Dk.2.7. -2 the सुदर्शन wheel; रथाङ्गे चन्द्रार्कौ रथचरणपाणिः शर इति Śivamahimna 18. -2 the ruddy goose. -चर्या chariot-exercise, the use of a chariot, travelling by carriage; अनभ्यस्त- रथचर्याः U.5; सारथे रथचर्यासु सज्जो भव सुशिक्षितः Bm.1.684. -जङ्घा the hinder part of a chariot. -ज्वरः a crow. -दुर्गम् the throng of chariots. -धुर् f. the shaft or pole of a chariot. -नाभिः f. the nave of the wheel of a chariot; रथनाभिरिवाभिख्यायेत Ait. Up.2.4.5. -नीडः the inner part or seat of a chariot. -पुंगवः a chief or distinguished warrior. -बन्धः 1 the fastenings or harness of a chariot. -2 a league of warriors. -महोत्सवः, -यात्रा the solemn procession of an idol placed in a car (usually drawn by men). -मुखम् the forepart of a carriage. -युद्धम् 'a chariot-fight', a fight between combatants mounted on chariots. -योगः a team (of horses etc.) on a chariot; Bri. Up. -योजकः a charioteer, harnesser of a chariot. -वंशः a number of chariots. -वर्त्मन् n., -वीथिः f. highway, main road. -वारकः son of a Śūdra and a Sairandhrī. -वाहः 1 a carriagehorse. -2 charioteer. -विज्ञानम्, -विद्या the art of driving chariots. -शक्तिः f. the staff which supports the banner of a war-chariot; रथशक्तिं मुमोचासौ दीप्तामग्नि- शिखामिव Mb.1.6.13. -शाला a coach-house, carriageshed. -शास्त्रम्, -शिक्षा the art of driving a chariot, coachmanship. -सप्तमी the seventh day in the bright half of Māgha.
sairaḥ सैरः रिः The month of Kārtika. सैरन्ध्रः sairandhrḥ सैरिन्ध्रः sairindhrḥ सैरन्ध्रः सैरिन्ध्रः 1 A menial servant or attendant. -2 A mixed tribe, the offspring of a Dasyu and an Ayogava female; सैरिन्ध्रं वागुरावृत्तिं सूते दस्युरयोगवे Ms.1.32. सैरन्ध्री sairandhrī सैरिन्ध्री sairindhrī सैरन्ध्री सैरिन्ध्री 1 A maid-servant or female attendant in the women's apartments [a woman of the mixed tribe described in सैरन्ध्र (2)]. -2 An independent female artisan working in another person's house. -3 An epithet of Draupadī (assumed by her when she acted as servant to Sudeṣṇā, queen of Virāṭa).
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draupadī, pāñcālī, kṛṣṇā, yājñasenī, trihāyaṇī, vedijā, nityayauvanā, sairandhrī   

drupadakanyā yā pāṇḍavānāṃ patnī āsīt।

draupadī yajñāt jātā।

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