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vāliḥ वालिः N. of a celebrated monkeychief, who was slain by Rāma at the desire of Sugrīva, his younger brother. [He is represented as a very powerful monkey, and is said to have placed under his arm-pit even Rāvaṇa when he went to fight with him. During his absence from Kiṣkindhā to slay the brother of Dundubhi, Sugriva usurped the throne considering him to be dead, but when Vāli returned, he had to run away to Ṛiṣyamūka. Tārā, wife of Sugrīva, was seized by Vāli, but she was restored to her husband when Rāma slew him.]
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amūka except the dumbCC Madhya 15.110
ṛṣyamūka-giri at the ṛṣyamūka MountainCC Madhya 9.311
ṛṣyamūka-giri at the ṛṣyamūka MountainCC Madhya 9.311
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purāṇe varṇitaḥ ekaḥ parvataḥ।

sugrīvaḥ vālinaḥ bhītvā ṛṣyamūke parvate agūhat।



ekaḥ parvataḥ ।

ṛśyamūkasya ullekhaḥ viṣṇupurāṇe rāmāyaṇe pañcatantre ca asti

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