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aṣāḍhāf. Name of a brick (used for the sacrificial altar)
aṣāḍhāf. sg. or plural Name of two lunar mansions (distinguished as pinvā and uttara-,"the former"and"the latter", and reckoned either as the eighteenth and nineteenth[ ]or as the twentieth and twenty-first[ etc.])
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aṣāḍhā See Naksatra
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aṣāḍhā nakṣatram TS. (bis); MS.2.13.20: 166.4 (bis); KS.39.13.
aṣāḍhābhyaḥ svāhā TB.,5.
aṣāḍhā kāmam upayāntu yajñam TB.
aṣāḍhāsi (VSK. aṣālhāsi) sahamānā VS.13.26; VSK.14.2.12; TS.; MS.2.7.16: 99.16; KS.16.16; śB.; Mś. P: aṣāḍhāsi Kś.17.4.25; Apś.16.24.12.
aṣāḍhāya prasakṣiṇe RV.8.32.27b.
aṣāḍhāya sahamānāya vedhase (TB. mīḍhuṣe) RV.2.21.2b; 7.46.1c; TB.;; N.10.6c.

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