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parighaḥ3.3.32MasculineSingularmṛdbhedaḥ, dṛgruk, śikyam
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śikyam शिक्यम् क्या 1 A loop or swing (made of rope); छिद्रं ह्यन्तर्निहितवयुनः शिक्यभाण्डेषु तद्वित् Bhāg.1.8.3. -2 A burden or load carried in a sling. -3 The strings of a balance. -Comp. -पाशः (शिक्यपाशः) the string by which a vessel is suspended (Mar. फास).
śikyam पाशिक्यम् A pearl from the river Pāśā Kau. A.2.11.22.

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