śakti शक्ति

Definition: m. Name of a muni- or sage (the eldest of vasiṣṭha-'s hundred sons; according to to he was father of parāśara-, and was devoured by king kalmāṣa-pāda-, when changed to a man-eating rākṣasa-, in consequence of a curse pronounced upon him by the sage;he is represented as having overcome viśvāmitra- at the sacrifice of king saudāsa-;he is regarded as the author of ; śakti- is also identified with one of the vyāsa-s, and with avalokiteśvara-, and has elsewhere the patronymic jātūkarṇa- and sāṃkṛti-)

Dictionary: Monier-Williams
Literary Sources: VP., RV. vii , 32 , 26 ; ix , 97 , 19-21 ; 108 , 3 ; 14-16, Pravar., MBh.
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