śītala शीतल

Definition: शीतल a. [शीतं लाति ला-क, शीतमस्त्यस्य लच्-वा] 1 (a) Cool, cold, chill, frigid; अतिशीतलमप्यम्भः किं भिनत्ति न भूभृतः Subhāṣ. (b) Cool, bearable; महदपि परदुःखं शीतलं सम्यगाहुः V.4.13. -2 Not exciting, calm, gentle. -लः 1 The moon. -2 A kind of camphor. -3 Turpentine. -4 The Champaka tree. -5 A kind of religious observance (observed upon the sun's entering the sign Aries). -लम् 1 Cold, coolness. -2 The cold season. -3 Benzoin. -4 White sandal, or sandal in general. -5 A pearl. -6 Green sulphate of iron. -7 A lotus. -8 The root called वीरण q. v. -Comp. -छदः the Champaka tree. -जलम् a lotus. -प्रदः, -दम् sandal. -वातः a cool breeze. -षष्ठी the sixth day of the bright half of Māgha.

Dictionary: Apte
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