āvāpa आवाप

Definition: आवाप a. [आवप्-घञ्] Throwing, scattering. (as in अक्षावाप q. v.). -पः 1 Sowing seed. -2 Scattering, throwing in general; casting, directing. -3 Mixing, inserting. -4 Especially, throwing additional ingredients into a compound in course of preparation. -5 A basin for water round the root of a tree (आलवाल). -6 A vessel, jar for corn. -7 Setting out or arranging vessels. -8 Hostile purpose, intention of fighting (with another); foreign affairs; 'तन्त्रः स्वराङ्कचिन्तायामा- वापः परचिन्तने इति वैजयन्ती; तन्त्रावापविद् Śi.2.88. -9 A principal sacrifice or oblation to fire. -1 A kind of drink. -11 A bracelet (आवापक). -12 Uneven ground. -13 Decentralisation, a matter which serves several persons or things only if repeated with each one of them (opp. तन्त्र q. v.) यस्तु आवृत्त्या उपकरोति स आवापः । यथा तेषामेव ब्राह्मणानामनुलेपनम् । ŚB. on MS.11.1.1.

Dictionary: Apte
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